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[edit] Synopsis

Tanaka Yukio, or Koyuki as his friends call him is just another 14 year-old boy, lost in the crowd and discouraged about life so far. This all changes when he saves an odd looking dog named Beck from a bunch of young bullies. Its owner, Minami Ryuusuke, a struggling musician, has just come back from living in America befriends Koyuki. Koyuki then takes up an interest in music, and joins Ryuusuke's new band Beck. Koyuki's outlook on life changes and his interests grow as Beck begins its struggle for fame.

[edit] General Information

Alias: BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
Kanji: ベック
Episodes: 26
Other Formats: Manga
Genre(s): Drama, Music, Shounen
Year(s): 2004-2005
People/Companies: MADHOUSE
Japanese Website(s):
American Website: N/A
Licensed By: N/A

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