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Cowboy Bebop: The Movie


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[edit] Synopsis

In a far future, Spike, Jet, Faye and Ed, four bounty hunters, hunt a terrorist who wants to use a biological weapon to destroy an entire planet. This time they're after the biggest bounty ever!

[edit] General Information

Title: Cowboy bebop : Tengoku no tobira
American title: Cowboy bebop : Knockin on heaven's door
Episodes: movie
Episode running time: 116mn
See also: Cowboy Bebop
Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi

[edit] Music

The OST "Ask DNA" contains only the music from the movie.

[edit] Details

The movie takes place between episode 22 and 23 of Cowboy Bebop (just before the end of the story).
You can watch the movie without knowing the series, however you won't fully enjoy the movie.

[edit] Reviews

WARNING : the reviews can contain spoiler, don't read if you want to fully enjoy the movie

[edit] Ellmaris

This is my personal opinion, each person is different and I'm sure your opinion will be different, so don't trust me, trust only yourself, but I hope what I thought when watching this will help you to choose if you will like watching this anime or not.
But what's this? When did the animated movies became better than any live action movie you can see? I've only one thing to say, if you liked, even a little bit, the series Cowboy Bebop, you MUST see this movie. Take all of your favorite scenes from the series: Spike's Jet Kun Do, space fights, Ed's crazyness, etc. Imagine those scenes ten times better, and you have it: it's Knockin on Heaven's door.
Graphics: 8/10 - Good, you know the designs from the original series.
Animation: 9/10 - Wahoo, the fight between Spike and Electra is so smooth ...
Story: 7/10 - Very basic, but works well.
Characters: 9/10 - As good as in the original series. Ed is on top.
Music: 9/10 - The music from the series weren't reused, and the new ones are really good.
Overall Interest: 9/10 - My dream is to find live action movies as good and original as this.

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[edit] Characters

[edit] Bounty Hunters

[edit] Others

  • Vincent Volaju
  • Electra Ovilo
  • Rasheed (Doctor Mendelo)
  • Lee Sampson
  • Bob
  • The Three Old Men (Antonio, Carlos and Jobim)

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