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DearS (Diazu ) is a Japanese romance comedy manga by mangaka duo PEACH-PIT, serialised in the monthly shounen manga magazine Dengeki Comic Gao!. The manga was produced into a 12 episode TV anime series which aired from 10 July 2004—26 September 2004. The DVD release includes an additional episode labeled "9.5" (occurring between episodes 9 and 10) for a total of 13.

[edit] Story

A UFO boarded by members of the DearS species (an alien species with a human outer appearance) makes an emergency landing on Earth. Ever since then the life of Takeya Ikuhara, a typical male high school student in Japan, and Neneko Izumi, his female childhood friend, has been complicated by the arrival of Ren and other DearS members

== Spoiler warning ==

The DearS ship contains beings that are genetically engineered as slaves, which is why there is never any search party sent out for the disabled ship. Because the DearS are very intelligent, they do not release this to the Earth public because of public distaste for slavery. Instead, they release the completed slave models into exchange student programs, in hopes of integrating themselves into society. A DearS will imprint itself onto one person, who becomes its "Master." Since a DearS' happiness is derived from serving a Master, the integrated DearS search for someone to serve.

A pod containing an incomplete DearS goes awry, and releases a DearS into the public. This DearS is functional, but lacks any knowledge save for her model number, which is "Ren Ren Ren Nagusaran Rensia Roroonren Nakora", because she is not complete and has not fulfilled the Earth Integration Program. This program is necessary for all DearS who are involved in the homestay program. In the DearS language, the term "Ren" actually means "nothing" or "zero." Takeya saves "Ren" from an oncoming truck, and she imprints on him. The remainder of the story focuses on the chaos that results from Ren's escape and her subsequent imprinting.

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