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Fatal Relations


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Adopted with permission from Hentai Neko - Adult Anime and Game Appreciation with a Dash of Class


[edit] Synopsis

An erotic tale in Freudian tradition, from Himeya Soft!

Your parents die and your fate changes when a millionaire wants to adopt you, so you naturally jump at the chance. You move into her mansion right away, and a charming old widow and her lovely daughters meet you. The sweet smell of her daughters lures you into a world of pleasure. As you drown in unbelievable pleasure, you learn the unspeakable secret of the family. It is simply...

A classic bishoujo game for all collectors, explore the bizarre erotic side of the wealthy. With a great story and characters, we think you'll love it!

[edit] General Information

Title: Fatal Relations
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME
Developer: Himeyasoft

[edit] Reviews

[edit] Hentai Neko

By Hentai Neko
Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 3 Characters: 3 Sounds: 5 Gameplay: 1 Ecchi Level: 9

Not for the Bishoujo game beginner! If you are a true-blooded gamer just starting with the adult bishoujo genre, please stop reading this now and go on to either the Tokimeki Check-In or the Legend of Fairies section. I would not want to be responsible for you swearing off the adult bishoujo genre just because you had the misfortune of playing the most dragging click-and-click-and-click game you could ever encounter in your life.

If, however, you are more interested in seeing a guy bang so many girls in one day and do not care about linear endings, then by all means, enjoy this title! This is good for the erotica insatiable since it's all about sex, sex, and more S-E-X.

So what is Fatal Relations all about? Well, basically, you get adopted by a family of beautiful women (quite similar to Gloria) who enjoy destroying whatever sense of sanity you have by imposing their eccentric sexual practices on you. A dream come true? Not if you're actually living the personality of the main character, who seems to be really sweet and honest about how terrible he feels about the entire situation. There is no real "deep" story, unlike in games like Snow Drop where you actually don't mind clicking your mouse all the time because an engaging plot and multi-linear ending awaits you upon every click you make. In Fatal Relations, whatever option you choose, you just get one ending. There are no consequences to speak of, which is surprising, considering most bishoujo games nowadays are innovating themselves towards more interactivity.

The women of Fatal Relations aren't even that special because this game is abundant with stereotypes. They don't have any distinct personality at all that would push them farther away from the limits of a typical oversexed male's fantasies. We have a word for it in my native language. We call it "de-kahon", meaning everything's pre-defined inside a box.

I could say one positive aspect of it, though. There is this one little part where I was actually tasked to use my -- GASP -- brains! It's where Yuko, the "nerdy" daughter, gave me a set of questions to perfect before she would allow me to view her naked splendor. I actually answered all of them correctly, save for one that was about the "C" language, which I shouldn't have had any trouble answering since I'm a programmer. Actually, the questions are for the high school student level. But hey! It's been almost a decade since I graduated from high school and my memory of all my lessons are a bit hazy now. The little aide memoire from a silly game has actually been fun and exhilarating. Thank goodness for that one small reprieve.

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