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GE - Good Ending


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GE - Good Ending


Genre comdey, drama, romance, school life, shounen
manga: GE - Good Ending
Author Sasuga Kei
Illustrator Sasuga Kei
Publisher Kodansha
Serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine
Original run 08/2009 –
No. of volumes

GE - Good Ending (GE〜グッドエンディング) is a is a Japanese manga series by Sasuga Kei. It was first serialized in the weekly Japanese manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine on August 2009. This school life romance follows the main character Utsuki 's interactions with Kurokawa Yuki, a member of the school tennis team, in order for Utsuki to confess his feelings to the captain of the tennis team.

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Seiji Utsumi is an average and introverted guy. He is in love with his sempai, Shou Iketani, who is the tennis club and also the team captain. Izumi and Kurono are his friends and knowing about his love interest. Seiji refuses to confess to her because he doesn’t want to be rejected and he is happy to just admire her from a far. Yuki Kurokawa is in the same club as Shou and finds out Seiji’s feelings for Shou and sees Seiji as an admirable guy so she wants him to confess to Shou. Seiji joins the tennis club to get close to Shou in order step by step to one day tell her about his feelings while at the same time Yuki will be helping him. Summary by: ~fantasygurl~

Characters Seiji Utsumi Yuki Kurokawa Shou Iketani Izumi Kurono Eri Risa Oonuma Kento Touru