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General Information

Japanese Title: InuYasha
Romaji Title: Rumiko Takahashi
Translated Title: 167
Creator: Anime, Action, Fantasy
Episode(s): 2000
Genre(s): Viz Communications, Inc.
Year Published: Sunrise-Inc
US Distribution: N/A
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[edit] Introduction

Kagome Higurashi, a 15 year old girl, is on her way to school when she is abruptly transported through an ancient well into feudal Japan. Surrounded by monsters and magic, Kagome teams up with the half-demon InuYasha to recover the missing pieces of a magical gem, called the Shikon Jewel, that could cause disaster if it falls into the wrong hands.

[edit] Description

InuYasha (犬夜叉, InuYasha?), full title InuYasha, A Feudal Fairy Tale (戦国お伽草子–犬夜叉, Sengoku Otogi Zōshi InuYasha?), is a popular Japanese shōnen adventure romantic comedy manga and anime created by Rumiko Takahashi. The story tells of the adventures of Kagome Higurashi, who can travel back in time through a mysterious well, and the half-demon, InuYasha, along with their companions Miroku (a lecherous monk who accompanies Inuyasha to defeat the demon Naraku, to rid himself of the black hole (Wind Tunnel) in his hand), Sango (a demon slayer wanting revenge on Naraku for the death of her family and village) and Shippo (a fox demon whose father was killed by the Thunder Brothers). The whole group travels together, seeking to kill Naraku as revenge and gather all the shards of the sacred jewel (Shikon no Tama, which was broken accidentally by Kagome) to keep them out of the hands of demons especially Naraku. It was adapted into a 167 episode anime series produced by Sunrise which first aired on Nippon TV in Japan from 16 October 2000 to 13 September 2004. The television run of the anime ceased without a conclusion to the story. The manga is still being released in Japan as of today.

The series is named after one of the main characters, InuYasha. The name "InuYasha" literally means "dog demon". Inu (犬) is a Japanese word meaning "dog". Yasha (夜叉) is a Buddhism-related word meaning "demon or demon warrior". [1]

In an interview with Takahashi, she mentions that InuYasha means "Dog Spirit"

The story begins with InuYasha stealing the Jewel of Four Souls (四魂の玉 Shikon no Tama)a jewel that can grant anyone any wish from a village in feudal Japan. He doesn't get far before Kikyo, the young miko of the village, shoots InuYasha with a sacred arrow, sealing him forever to the Sacred Tree(Goshinboku). Mortally wounded, Kikyo tells her younger sister, Kaede, to burn the jewel with her remains to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

Five hundred years later in modern Tokyo, a junior high-school girl named Kagome Higurashi is on her way to school. She stops in the well house of the [[Shinto] shrine her family runs to retrieve Buyo , her cat, since Sota, her brother, was too afraid to go inside. As Kagome approaches the well, a centipede demon bursts forth and pulls her into the well. The demon claims Kagome possesses the Jewel of Four Souls and attempts to seize it. Kagome miraculously fends off the demon and emerges from the well in the Sengoku period of Japan.

Confused, Kagome wanders into a colossal forest looking for landmarks that she may recognize. She spots the Sacred Tree off in the distance and proceeds to run toward it, where she finds InuYasha, who is still sealed with an arrow to the tree, asleep. Villagers seize her and take her to a nearby village where she meets the old miko Kaede. She recognizes that Kagome is the re-incarnation of her sister Kikyo. Kaede relates the story of Kikyo and Inuyasha to Kagome. The centipede attacks again, and Kagome is forced to release InuYasha to kill it.

After destroying the centipede, InuYasha attempts to take the Jewel of Four Souls. Before he can, Kaede casts magical prayer beads around InuYasha's neck so Kagome can subdue him. When Kagome says "Sit, Boy!" (Osuwari!), the rosary beads drag Inuyasha to the ground no matter what he is doing, or in what position he is in. Any combination of the original phrase spoken by Kagome has the same effect.

The arrival of the jewel attracts more greedy demons, however, and one known as a carrion-crow takes it and eats it. InuYasha rips off the demon's leg, but is unable to fully kill it. Kagome ties the leg to an arrow and shoots it at the demon, since the jewel enables the crow demon to heal, meaning that the leg will return to it, taking the arrow with it. The plan works, but the jewel is shattered into numerous shards around the world, in the process. Kagome and Inuyasha set out to collect the shards and restore the Jewel of Four Souls. Along the way they form a group with Shippo, Miroku, and Sango, encounter Inuyasha's brother Sesshomaru repeatedly, and learn how Naraku tricked Kikyo and Inuyasha into turning against each other.

[edit] Voices

KagomeMoneca StoriSatsuki Yukino
InuYashaRichard CoxKappei Yamaguchi
SangoKelly SheridanKuwashima Houko
MirokuKirby MorrowKouji Tsujitani
ShippoJillian MichealsKumiko Watanabe
KikyoWillow JohnsonNoriko Hikada
SesshomaruDavid KayeKen Narita
JakenDon BrownYuh-ichi Nagashima

[edit] Characters

[edit] Protagonists

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Kagome Higurashi
Age - 15
Hair - Black
Eyes - Brown
Parents - Mother - Mom (Or Mrs. Higurashi, whichever...)
Father - Unknown
Siblings - Sota
Other - Grandpa, pet cat; Buyo
Description - A strong-willed junior-high-school student attending Fujibayashi High, on her 15th birthday a demon known as Madam Centipede pulls her into the well, sensing the Sacred (Shikon No Tama) Jewel in her side, thus how our story begins. Proficient with a bow and retaining some of her previous life's puritive powers, she is no liability in battle. Her usual dress is the Fujibayashi High uniform, with a oversized pack carried upon her back.

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Age - Approximately 200
Hair - Silver
Eyes - Amber/Gold
Father - *Inu no Taisho* edited by Aussie_Gino
Mother -Izaiyoi
Siblings - Sesshomaru
Description - A reckless young half demon dog, he strives to obtain the precious Shikon No Tama Jewel, with which he would change himself into a full demon. He wears a crimson robe, made from a fire rat, thus making it impervious to fire and explosives. He wields the demonic blade Tetsusaiga, the sword of the mortals. Said to be able to slay 100 demons with a single stroke.

[edit] Antagonists


Age -unknown

Hair - Black

Eyes - Brown

Parents - Unknown

Father - Unknown

Siblings - Unknnown

Incarnations/Spawn-Kagura, Kanna, Hakudoshi, Goshinki, Kageromaru, Juromaru, Muso, Akago, Byakuga

Description - The main antagonist of the show, Naraku was originally the bandit, Omigumo. He was paralyzed, and was unable to move. He was cared for by the priestess Kikyo, and soon became lustful over her, and seeing the Shikon No Tama, which she guarded become filled with hate. He then let demons eat his soul, and tricked Inuyasha and Kikyo into hating each other. He is a actually a half-demon, as it was learned. He is also responisble for the wind tunnel in Miroku's hand, a curse he infilicted upon Miroku's grandfather. He is to blame for several other crimes, such as killing Sango's village, enslaving her brother Kohaku with a Jewel Shard, killing much of Koga's pack, ect. He wants the Jewel to become a full demon.

[edit] The Storyline

InuYasha is a half dog demon. 500 years ago, Kikyo, (who InuYasha was in love with) pinned him to a tree using her sacred arrow just before falling to her own death. Before dieing she told her sister Keade to bury the Sacred Jewel with her remains so that no one could steal it again. Naraku, the antagonist of the story plotted and framed Inuyasha and Kikyo against each other. 500 years later, in the 21 century a teenager named Kagome Higurashi, the reincarnation of Kikyo, fell down the well of her shrine. The day before her 15th birthday. She finds herself in feudal-era of Japan. Where she meets InuYasha, and together they search for the shards of the Sacred Jewel. On there way they encounter various characters; Shippou a fox demon, who lost his father to the thunder brothers. Kagome and Inuyasha saved him, and he joined there quest to find the Jewel Shards. Along the way the also find a monk named Miroku. This lecherous monk, attacked Inuyasha and Kagome, in a attempt to steal a fragment of the jewel. He managed to get the jewel and take off. Inuyasha and Kagome find him take the jewel shard back and Miroku joins the group. After that they meet Sango. A Demon Slayer who lost her village to demons. Naraku tricks her and makes her believe that Inuyasha was the one who slayed her village. Sango attacks Inuyasha in rage, for vengeance of her village. In the end she realizes Naraku was the one at fault and ends up joining the group. They set off to defeat Naraku and meet various characters and fiends in the process.

[edit] Shikon Jewel

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  • The Shikon Jewel (also known as the Shikon No Tama) is the basis of the Inuyasha storyline. Kikyo, a priestess, is forced to guard the Shikon Jewel for a lifetime. But, after defending the Shikon Jewel against many demons, she encounters Inuyasha, a half demon. While in this supressive state of emotion, another man named Onigumo, a severly burned man covered in bandages everywhere but his eyes, is captivated by this priestess while she tries to keep him alive, being a priestess and all. His lust for her pinacles, and he offers up his body to demons for their mobility, thus came into their world the demon Naraku. Yet, the first thing this new demon does is use the form of Inuyasha to get near Kikyo, and mortally wound her, then flee. All the while, Inuyasha, oblvious to these actions, waits for Kikyo to bring him the jewel so he can become human. Thinking she had fallen back on her promise, he breaks into its shrine and steals it, running off into the forest. He is stopped by a barage of arrows, their shooter, none other then Kikyo. He makes one last try to flee, but an arrow finds its mark, and seals him to a tree, the jewel falling from his limp hand. Her energy gone, her life fading, she makes one last command to her sister Kaede. To burn the jewel with her body, and so the jewel vanished from the era, not to be seen again for 50 years.

Although the Shikon Jewel was creamated along with Kikyo, the jewel remanifested in the body of Kikyo's reincarnation, Kagome. But, as the story goes, Kagome falls into a well in the Higurashi shrine, making her travel back in time to Feudal Japan, to find the scene exactly how it was left so long ago. Inuyasha, arrow pinning him to the tree still there. Expecting the least, Kagome releases Inuyasha from his "eternal rest", and it is nothing as Kagome planned. Inuyasha right off tries to kill her, and steal the Shikon Jewel, but is checked when some special Sutra beads enchanted by Kaede puts a spell on him, so that whenever a certain word is uttered by Kagome, the beads instantly pull him to the ground. A little while later, a demon Carrion Crow (an oversized crow) ingests the Jewel. Kagome seems to have inherited Kikyo's prowess with the bow, and takes a shot at the bird, yet her shot hits the jewel. It cracks, and splinters into many tiny shards, which shoot out across Japan. Inuyasha and Kagome must now set out on a quest to collect all the shards, and along the way they meet up with some valuable allies. Shippo, the demon fox, Miroku, the lecherous monk, Sango, the demon-slayer, Koga, of the wolf-demon tribe and Miyoga, the flea demon. With the aid of these companions they travel the Feudal Era, searching for the jewel shards and for the one called Naraku, the source of their strife.

[edit] Soundtracks

  • My will - Dream(First Ending Theme)
  • Change The World - V6 (First Opening Theme)
  • I Am - Unknown (Second Opening Theme)
  • Fukai Mori - Do as Infinity (Second Ending Theme)
  • Every Heart - BoA (Third Ending Theme)
  • No More Words-Hamasaki Ayumi (Movie 1 Ending)

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