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Welcome to our wiki! Our goal is to become a leading source for anime information, for anime fans, by anime fans. By following a non-profit, ad-free scheme, encased in an open wiki format we hope to provide a simple, and easy way to edit and access anime information.

If you are new to or new to wiki's in general, we suggest checking out our Newbie Guide.

As an important component of a growing community we actively encourage the submission and discussion of information pertaining to new/unreleased anime titles into our database.

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- January 18, 2012 ::. Posted by: Jasio

Happy 2012 Folks! The number of bots has been dropping nicely, only manually registered bots (humans) are now getting passed the Captcha making it much easier to stop them. On another note, I have noticed the Parser Error that comes up when user profiles are loaded that have posts in them (users with no posts in their profile work fine). I will be looking into this over the next few days as time permits. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Going on 7 years now? Wow. Maybe I'm getting old or something.

- November 21, 2011 ::. Posted by: Jasio

In response to the massive wave of spam bots that have been registering and spamming pages I have taken a look at Anime-Wiki's captcha system. Unfortunately it seems that as of 2011 several known spammers have found a way to circumvent and/or force their way passed reCaptcha protected websites. In order to prevent more spam I have installed a new anti-spam/anti-bot registration captcha that should reduce spam. It's a novel system, but I think it's an interesting change.

- November 6, 2011 ::. Posted by: Jasio

Wow, I almost missed posting something this year. Wiki back-end has been updated to the latest build to address bugs and compatibility issues. The layout has been mildly refreshed as well. A bit more abstract maybe, but a nice change I think.

- July 24, 2010 ::. Posted by: Jasio

First post of 2010 eh? I'm still alive and kicking - the site has undergone a back-end upgrade to address minor bugs/security issues and the website design has been mildly refreshed (although not finalized) to address some CSS issues and coloring issues. The German and Finnish wiki's have been taken offline and I will concentrate on the English Anime-Wiki due to popularity. On a final note - Anime-Wiki.Org turns 5 years old in two weeks! Not too shabby.

- November 8, 2009 ::. Posted by: Jasio

I am *still* looking for ideas on how to expand the wiki. This includes content, articles, editorials (regular ones?) and similar. I would be more than happy to aggregate information from different sites or encourage regular blogs/updates regarding new Anime titles as they air. In essence, I am hoping that users come forward with ideas that would make the site more interesting, vibrant, and generally encourage and embrace Anime. A Community breathes life into a Wiki and that is something Anime-Wiki.Org is missing.

- August 10, 2009 ::. Posted by: Jasio

Four years ago, Anime-Wiki.Org went live.

- June 10, 2009 ::. Posted by: Jasio

Backend has received a much needed update to take care of some security and compatibility issues. Some minor new features have been added as well. Anime-Wiki is approaching 1,000 articles and 5,000 pages of content and will hopefully exceed these figures by the end of July just in time for our 4-year anniversary. Thanks to all those who contributed and continue to contribute to this project.

- December 25, 2008 ::. Posted by: Jasio

On behalf of all the staff at Anime-Wiki.Org (just me really, because Grey hates Christmas...) I would like to wish all of our members and visitors a safe, enjoyable and Happy Holiday. Because the good will of those we serve is the foundation of our success, It's a real pleasure at this Holiday time to say "Thank You" as we wish you a full year of Happiness and Success. Our sincere thanks for your loyalty and good will throughout the year. 明けましておめでとう. See you in 2009!