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Marugoto Anjyu Gakuen


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Marugoto Anjyu Gakuen


Genre Harem comedy, Supernatural
Author Sae Amatsu
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Serialized in Kadokawa Shoten
Original run 2005 – 2007
No. of volumes 3


[edit] Characters

[edit] Ochikobure Dorm

Kaguya Kaga

Species: Human

The main male character of the story. He is a decedent of a family of Demon Hunters that now wishes to try to make peace with the Demons. For that to happen his mother has him disguised as a girl and attend the all-girls school for demons, Anjyu Gakuen. Personally he is terrified of demons with the belief that they will try to eat him, this later revealed to be a childhood trama caused by Lulu. Though he disguises himself to be a girl most of the demons close to him know that he is a guy, including the Principle, but don't seem to care. He also tries to be a man (mentally), especially after he becomes the Dorm Leader of the Ochikobure Dorm. Even though he is weak, he carries a dagger on his back that is a family heirloom for hunting demons, which absorbs their energy and launching it back with tremendous force.
Nene Hakubi

Species: Nine Tailed Fox

A Nine-Tailed Fox with a horrible secret, and that she really only has seven tails (with takes on the form of her hair, with her bangs being fake). At first she despises Kaguya and wanted to get him kicked out as soon as she found out she was a he, but couldn't by the fact he knew her secret. She will snap at him and hit him with all of her strength from anything that he does that annoys her, which when she is nice to him he is frighten that she might be up to something. However, later she discovers that she is actually falling in love with him, as he was the first person to accepted her for who she is.
Sasa Kera

Species: Umbrella Spirit

Mio Amao

Species: Werewolf

Best described as a "lone wolf". She has the capabilities to move up in rank and out of the lowest ranking dorm but only does things her way. She is usually quiet but is blunt when she speaks. She is the only one in the dorm that figured out that Kaguya was a man by herself, stating that his smell was different from a female (and that of a beast). At first she wasn't with the idea of Kaguya being the Dorm Leader but after being tricked to agree she honors her words and now sees him as her Leader. However she views of the leader's responsibilities to protect the women and breed with them to have his children. She has a strange ability that where if she is kissed on the forehead she turns into a smaller form that is more energetic and runs on her instincts. In this form she loves to bite Kaguya's head.

Species: Demon


Species: Zashiki Warashi

[edit] Student Council

Tomoe Hakubi

Species: Nine Tailed Fox

[edit] Academy Administrators


Species: Cat Spirit

Pak Bead

Species: Unknown

[edit] Others


Species: Unknown

Lulu Natsuki

Species: Two Mouth Woman

[edit] Published

Originally published in Kadokawa Shoten(the Boy Ace magazine) in 2005, it ran until 2007. It had been published in three volumns.