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Moe Kare!!


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Moe Kare!!

MoeKare vol1.jpg


Genre Comedy, Romance
Author Gō Ikeyamada
Publisher Japan Shogakukan
Serialized in Shōjo Comic
Original run 2004 – 2006
No. of volumes 7

Moe Kare!! (萌えカレ!!) is a steryotypical love triangle manga series by Gō Ikeyamada. It has been published in Shōjo Comic in Japan.

[edit] Characters

Hikaru Wakamiya (若宮ひかる , Wakamiya Hikaru)
Hikaru is a 15-year-old girl who loves shōjo manga. One day, she gets her first kiss stolen by Arata Ichikawa, nicknamed "perverted prince". Hikaru is in love with Takara Honda, who looks exactly like Arata. A love triangle begins between the three of them. She is an otaku that loves manga but after falling in love with Takara Honda, she quickly seems to forget about it, the reason being she's found her prince. As the story progresses it seems that she is in love with both Arata and Takara but can't seem to choose which of the two she loves most. In the end of series she choose Arata. Hikaru also appear with Arata and their son in the cafe where Midori became a maid in manga Uwasa no Midori-kun!!.
Arata Ichikawa (壱川新, Ichikawa Arata)
Arata Ichikawa is the 'Perverted Prince,' 15-year-old boy, who is Honda Takara's half brother. He is a playboy who has sex with girls all the time, but as he starts realising his love for Wakamiya Hikaru, he stops messing around. Ichikawa has blue eyes, which is the only physical part of him that you can distinguish him from Takara, even though they're half brothers. His mother was a foreigner, thus him having blue eyes, and his father was Japanese. Arata's mother had an affair with Takara's father, resulting in his mother being left behind, and probably the reason why she died awhile later after giving birth. Arata and Takara's father looks exactly like them; the hair, face, practically everything physical, thus making Arata's grandfather despise Arata since he doesn't want to see Takara's father, especially someone resembling him so much. Arata lives alone, and has never experienced much love or happiness, so after seeing the happiness that Takara had with his dad and Hikaru, he came to hate Takara even more. He became more aggressive, beating up\fighting with many people to let out his anger towards Takara. When Arata in a date with Hikaru, He very overprotective to Hikaru. In the extra of they story, Arata and she seems to have tried to have sex, but Arata couldn't seem to stand it and said "I'll do it with you when I become a man." There is also a picture on the last page that shows Wakamiya with Arata, who's in bed holding a baby. Arata also appear with Hikaru and their son in the cafe where Midori became a maid in manga Uwasa no Midori-kun!!.
Takara Honda (本田宝, Honda Takara)
Takara Honda is a 16-year-old boy whom Hikaru Wakamiya likes. Takara has brown eyes, the only part which is distiguishable from his half-brother Arata. At the beginning of the story, he is a very slow boy and realises his feelings for Hikaru later. One reason why he's so dense is because he is whole-heartedly focused only on karate. He and Hikaru becomes boy/girlfriend once he confesses to her; this resulted in increasing Arata's hatred and jealousy towards Takara, as he, too loves Hikaru. Though Hikaru and Takara loves each other dearly, Takara breaks up with Hikaru after a car accident that happens involving Ami, Takara's childhood friend and karate partner. Ami had pushed Takara away from a car that was about to hit him as he tried to pick up the ring he dropped that was for Hikaru. Feeling guilty, he decides to protect Ami and stay be her side as that was her wish. He also takes Hikaru's virginity after she begs him for one last good memory of the two of them together. When Ami gets out of the hospital, Takara decides to try and win Hikaru back.
Ami Kobayakawa (小早川亜美, Kobayakawa Ami)
Kobayakawa Ami is Takara's childhood friend. She is in love with him but backs down when she realises, after being with Takara in the hospital, that there is no chance for her to win. She got hit by a car because she pushed Takara out of the way when he was bending over to pick up a ring that he had gotten for Hikaru. She is the reason why Takara and Hikaru break up because Takara feels that it is his fault that she was hurt and vows to protect her. She told Takara that she knew he'll leave her one day soon, saying that he can not love her, as he still loves Hikaru. She states that when loving a person, you wish for their happiness, not their person. Arata overhears this conversation, and decides to back down and give up Hikaru to Takara, thinking that Hikaru still loves Takara the most.

[edit] Volumes

Below is a list of Moe Kare!! tankōbons published in Japan [1]

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  2. ISBN 978-4-09-138350-1 published in August 2005
  3. ISBN 978-4-09-130215-1 published in October 2005
  4. ISBN 978-4-09-130304-2 published in January 2006
  5. ISBN 978-4-09-130410-0 published in April 2006
  6. ISBN 978-4-09-130534-3 published in July 2006
  7. ISBN 978-4-09-130577-0 published in September 2006

[edit] References

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