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Genre School Life, Sports, Romance, Gender Bender
Author Lynn Okamoto
Demographic Shōnen
Publisher Shueisha
Serialized in Weekly Young Jump
Original run 2007 –
No. of volumes 10

Nononono (ノノノノ), also known as N4 or Nono's refusal is an ongoing Japanese manga written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto, who is best-known for his series Elfen Lied. The manga follows the struggles of Nonomiya Nono, a girl hiding her real indentity and pretending to be her twin brother, Nonomiya Yuuta, in order to be able of claiming the gold medal in the Winter Olympics for Ski Jumping, which is a sport which only men can professionaly compete in.

Nononono is currently being serialized in the Japanese magazine Weekly Young Jump, published by Shueisha. It first ran in the magazine's 47th issue of 2007. As of April 2010, 10 bound volumes have been released in Japan by Shueisha.


[edit] Plot

Nono Nonomiya is a girl-in-disguise pretending to be her twin brother, Nonomiya Yuuta. Because Woman's Ski Jumping isn't an officially recognized Olympic category, despite having exceptional skill she has to cross-dress in order to fulfill the wish of both her father and her brother. After being admitted into Okushin High School in Nagano, famous for its winter sports clubs, and entering the Ski Jumping club, her struggle to enter the Olympics and win the gold medal for Japan truly begins.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Major characters

Nono Nonomiya (野々宮 ノノ, Nonomiya Nono)
The protagonist of the series, better known as Yuuta Nonomiya. She was originally from HokkaidoEver since she was young, she displayed a lot of talent in ski jumping, since her father Yuusuke Yura was an olympic representative for that sport. However, being a woman, it was impossible for her to enter the Olympics. But Nono did not know this and tried her hardest to succeed in order for her father to approve of her. It was not until later that she understood why her brother hated her; she had all the talent that he lacked. This often resulted in Yuuta being pressured, so his sister became the focus of his anger. Her father also looked down on her with disdain, and often unleashed his rage by beating Yuuta up, thus making him hate Nono even more. As a result of this, she stopped competing. However, it is implied that after a fire in their house, her brother died, and in order to fulfill her father's dream of winning the gold medal, she threw away her real identity and pretended to be her brother. She sometimes sees images of Yuuta before jumping, and this is a sign that she will perform badly.
Nono wears a corset in order to hide her breasts. Despite posing as a man and trying her best to act manly, she has a liking for feminine and cute things. She is very intelligent and has the top grades of her year. This combined with her bishounen aspect caused her to be the target of Mikage early in the story. She, however, seems to have feelings to the fellow member of the Ski Jumping club Akira Amatsu.
Mikage Kourogi (興梠 みかげ, Kourogi Mikage)
Mikage is a famous figure skater, well known for having won an international championship. She is a feminine and cute girl, and many students of the school like her. She, however, fell in love with Nono, whom she thought was a man, during the opening ceremony of the school. She immediately confessed, which resulted in her being rejected. A while later she walked in on Nono which she was dressing, and saw her wearing panties. However, she thought that Nono just liked wearing women's clothes. Nono admitted this in order not to get caught, and Mikage thus stated that he should be her slave if he did not want her to tell everyone about this.
In spite of her manipulative and playful nature, she really likes Nono and cares a lot about her. This is shown when she offers Nono to live at her place after she was almost abused of by her fellow roommate, or when she tried to cheer the girl up whenever she's feeling down. She notices Nono's liking towards Akira, and takes a disliking to him as a result. Since her sport involves resistance rather than strength, her endurance is greater that the ski club's member's. Even though she is often described as a genius, in reality she's a hard-working girl who will train endlessly in order to improve and become a better skater.
Akira Amatsu (天津 暁, Amatsu Akira)
Akira was born into a family of ski jumping medalists, a fact which he is very proud of. However, his grandfather and father only managed to obtain silver medals in the Olympics they participated in, and due to this his family is sometimes referred to as being "silver medal collectors". Akira will easily forgive anyone who talks badly about him, but does not stand anyone insulting his family. However, because he wanted to be recognized because of his talent rather than because of his family name, he decided to make everyone acknowledge him by never losing. As stated by his own father, he will prioritize winning over his won life. As a result of his hard work and his lineage, his talent at ski jumping was noticed at an early age. He got a joint development with some Northern European ski manufacturers when he was just 15 years old.
Akira has an odd allergy to women, and will break out into hives whenever he's close to one. The only girl he can be close to without reacting is the girl he likes.

[edit] Secondary characters

Yoda (与田, Yoda)
A sports magazine editor, he is often seen around when ski jumping events take place. His goal is to bring more attention to sport. He was once a ski jumper himself, but gave up after realizing he had no talent. He claims to be able of noticing people's talents due to the aura they give off just by taking a glace at them. Wanting to stir up things in the skiing world, he even went as far as lying to Akira in order for him to compete against Nono. He once stated that Nono and Akira would be the ones who would change the future of Japan in Ski Jumping.
Yuuta Nonomiya (野々宮 悠太, Nonomiya Yuuta)
Nono's twin brother. It is implied that he died before the start of the story, although the dead sibling was officially stated to be Nono. While he had no talent at ski jumping, as he once ended up classifying as 85th out of 89 people in the Hokkaido regional tournament, he was always being pressured by his father to become better than Nono. He was unable to, and this resulted in his father beating him up in order to release his anger. He hated Nono and considered her to be the reason because of which their father disliked him. Nono will sometimes see a vision of him whenever she is about to jump, and considers this as an indication that she will do badly.
Kiyoshi Shiriya (尻屋 潔, Shiriya Kiyoshi)
He is a high school senior in Okushin High and leader of the Nordic Skiing squad. Even though the leadership of the club is is switched between the Alpine and Nordic squad leaders, the Nordic leader took the seat for two years in a row due to Kiyoshi's twisted nature. Due to this, he holds a big grudge against the president of the club and forced everyone to call him "Emperor", a title which he considers to be superior to that of president. He dislikes his own surname, since it literally means "Anal Shop", and will react violently if he is referred to using that name. He is a veteran jumper, and was once third at the inter high competition, a fact he is very proud about. This, together with holding the best records in the club, make him the ace of the team. Kiyoshi is in love with Mikage and tries to blackmail Nono into taking pictures of her breasts.
Hiroki Kishitashi (岸谷 弘基, Kishitani Hiroki)
He is Nono's and Akira's fellow club member, as well as a freshman himself. He is good friends with Nono. He used to attend elementary school with Kiyoshi, and thus knows of his terrible personality. He explains that Shiriya once killed a jumper who was better than he was. He therefore is scared of Kiyoshi and does not want to have anything to do with him, even going as far as stating he will not try to jump farther than him so he won't get into problems.

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