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Peter Pan Syndrome


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Peter Pan Syndrome


Genre Romance, supernatural
Author Mayu Sakai
Publisher Japan Shueisha
Serialized in Ribon
Original run December 2004 – September 2005
No. of volumes 2

Peter Pan Syndrome (ピーターパン症候群, Pītā Pan Shōkōgun) is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Mayu Sakai and serialized in the Shueisha publication Ribon from December 2004 to September 2005.[1]

[edit] Story

12 year-old girl in junior high school Hasumi Kohaku moved in the town in search of her mother. She is diagnosed with Extra-sensory perception, or simply the thought of flying when sun is not seen. One midnight, Kohaku is flying in the sky. She suddenly dropped her cellphone on a high-rise apartment where a boy named Yuuro lives. Her power was kept a secret, but Kohaku soon used her power in front of her classmates to save Yuuro's life after falling off a window.

[edit] Character

Hasumi Kohaku The main character of this manga. She is currently searching for her mother. Later falls in love with Yuuro. As she was about to leave Yuuro, the both of them promised each other to finished their kiss. As she return it seem that her powers have lately grown stronger and have more powers then before.

Wendy A mysterious black cat with wings. Can fly and speak human language. At the end, it is shown that Wendy is actually Kohaku's mother, Rei.

Tachibana Yuuro Yuuro is the first boy Kohaku met in school. He is promised to be the chairman of his father's hospital in the future. Is very smart and very mature.

Tachibana Kyouri Yuuro's younger twin brother. Their personality are totally opposite, Kyouri is outgoing and gets along well with others while Yuuro is always cold and very unsociable.

Yamanishi One of Yuuro's idiotic friend.

Hasumi Rei Kohaku's mother, she disappeared when Kohaku was a baby, but it turns out that she transferred herself to an animal (cat) which was to watch over Kohaku, for which she transferred we found out that Rei was having problems with her body when she gave birth to Kohaku. Rei told Kohaku when she was about to make a decision of losing her powers. She has three kind of powers.

Hasumi Ryou Kohaku's father and Rei's husband, has no superpowers.

Kagami Touko Kohaku's beautiful friend from the research clinic. Her powers are much stronger than Kohaku's, she can use her powers during daytime. When Kohaku met Touko again, Touko started to bullied her. She told Kohaku that she was bulling her to see if Kohaku is losing her powers like she is.

[edit] References

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