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Reina Ryuugu


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Reina Ryuugu
Wanting to take something home.

Higurashi no naku koro ni

Nickname: Rena
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Student
Seiyū: Mai Nakahara


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Reina Ryuugu(or more often called "Rena Ryuugu") is one of the main protagonists in the Higurashi no naku koro ni franchise. Rena lived in Hinamizawa for a long time, until her mother broke up with her father, when her and her father moved somewhere else, after wards she was struck by "Oyashiro-Sama's Curse", and they ended up returning to the village not long before Keiichi Maebara moved there.

She has a weakness for cute things (seems to think KFC's Colonol Sanders is kawaii), and when see's something she thinks is cute she'll usually yell out that she wants to take it home, and grabs what ever it was she saw.

She carries around a hatchet (axe-like tool) for helping to dig through the garbage dump for collectibles that appeal to her.