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Genre Erotic

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OVA : 犠母妹
Directed by
Released 2002-2003
No. of episodes 2

Stepsister (犠母妹, Gibomai) is a 2001 hentai OVA licensed in North America by Central Park Media under their "Anime 18" label.

This anime is based on a Hentai-game published in Japan by Selen and in North America by G-Collections, with the title Stepsister (犠母妹~背徳の狂宴~, Gibomai: Haitoku no Kyouen), for the PC. The same plot and characters were used.

[edit] Synopsis

Kyosuke's father dies and he is left with everything and kicks his stepfamily out. Megumi brings to his attention his inheritance tax. She makes a deal with him: she gets all his father's paintings, stays for a while, and to sweeten the deal he can do what he wants to Yuna, he accepts. He has his way with Yuna. At first, she is very hesitant to give in, however slowly, through sexual torture, she caves in, becoming a masochist. Though she can't satisfy him for long so he brings Megumi into it. She takes Yuna's place as a sex slave, but Yuna still wants to be involved, in threesomes with the two.

[edit] Characters

Kyosuke: The son of a now-deceased wealthy painter. He hates Megumi because he blames her for his parents' breakup and his mother's death. He seems to like Yuna in more ways than one.

Yuna: Kyosuke's stepsister. She has always wanted a true family and does whatever she can to keep the one that she gets.

Megumi: Kyosuke's stepmother. Yuna's mother.

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