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[edit] Usage

To use this template, copy and paste this text into your article and then fill in the fields as explained below.

| name= 
| appears=
| japanese=
| image=
| size=
| nickname=
| age=
| born=
| sex=
| race=
| character=
| body=
| occupation=
| ability=
| nemesis=
| seiyu=
| quote=

Note, fields that are in bold are required

Field Description Category
name Name of the character. None
appears Name of the anime or manga the characters makes appearances in. If the character appears in more then one anime or manga, place the franchise that they appear in. None
japanese Japanese name of the character (in Japanese characters). None
image Screenshot or image of the character. None
image_extra Caption to display under the character's image. None
nickname The character's given nickname or frequently used name. None
age The character's age. None
sex The character's gender. Category:Sex
race The character's race (IE Category:Human, Category:Elf). Category:Race
character The character's general personality. Category:Character Type
body Outstanding body features the character possesses. Category:Body Type
occupation How the character earns a living (IE Category:High School, Category:Syndicate) Category:Occupation
ability The character's given special abilities. Category:Ability
nemesis The character's constant rival or enemy. None
seiyu The character's voice actor None
quote The character's quote None

Here is an example of a partly filled in template to give you an idea of what to do:

| name=Fujitaka Kinomoto
| appears=[[Card Captor Sakura]]
| japanese=木之本藤隆
| image=Fujitaka_Kinomoto.jpg
| age=30
| sex=[[:Category:Male|Male]]
| race=[[:Category:Human|Human]]

[edit] Notes

Articles with this template will automatically be added to Category:Character.

[edit] Bugs

Tried it again after the update, HTML is still being escaped for some reason I saw.

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