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[edit] Synopsis

Shiro Kamui is a high school student, he loves fighting and making a fuss over anything. Hinoto Hime, a prophet, saw him in a dream as the world's savior : his destiny is to choose between destroying or saving the world, following the dragons of heaven or the dragons of earth. But Kamui doesn't trust anyone, he refuses his destiny. Is he really the savior, which path will he choose ?

[edit] General Information

Title: X
Episodes: 24
Episode running time: 20 mn
Prequel: Tokyo Babylon
Genre(s): Action, Drama, CLAMP, End of the world

[edit] Music

[edit] Episode details

There is a movie, it's the same story in a shorter time span, there is also a manga (X), it's also the same story. However the end is different in the movie.
There's an episode called X Zero : it's not only an introduction it also starts the story. However you can understand X without watching it, but normally, this episode is provided when buying the serie.
If you're searching an end to the story started in Tokyo Babylon, it's X.

[edit] Reviews

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[edit] Characters

[edit] Dragons of Heaven (天の龍)

  1. Kamui Shirou
  2. Sorata Arisugawa
  3. Arashi Kishuu
  4. Yuzuriha Nekoi
  5. Subaru Sumeragi
  6. Karen Kasumi
  7. Seiichirou Aoki

[edit] Dragons of Earth (地の龍)

  1. Fuuma Monou
  2. Seishirou Sakurazuka
  3. Kakyou Kuzuki
  4. Satsuki Yatouji
  5. Yuuto Kigai
  6. Kazuki Toujou
  7. Kusagani Shiyuu

[edit] Others

[edit] Shots

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